Voices of the Reentry Network

Behavioral Health Services

Toni Tullys, Director, Behavioral Health Services, County of Santa Clara.
Manuel Ortega, Criminal Justice Peer Mentor, County of Santa Clara.
Nellie Lee, Program Manager, Faith-Based Collaborative.


District Attorney

Jeffrey Rosen, District Attorney, County of Santa Clara.


Mobile Medical Unit

Ari Kriegsman, Physician, Valley Homeless Healthcare Program.


Peer Mentor

Shelly Hughes Probation Peer Support Worker, County of Santa Clara.


Public Defender

Molly O’Neal, Public Defender, County of Santa Clara. 
J.J. Kapp, Assistant Public Defender, County of Santa Clara.


Sheriff’s Office

Lieutenant Adam Duran, Office of the Sheriff.
Sergeant Jacob Christian, Custody Alternative Supervision Unit, Office of the Sheriff, County of Santa Clara. Irma Salas, Rehabilitation Officer, Department of Correction, County of Santa Clara.
Assistant Sheriff Beliveau, Office of the Sheriff, County of Santa Clara. 


Social Services Agency

Robert Menicoccil, Driector, Social Services Agency, County of Santa Clara.


Reentry Services Office

Javier Aguirre, Director, Office of Reentry Services, County of Santa Clara. 
Daryl Ricasa, Office of Reentry Services Senior Management Analyst.


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